Pinot Noir
Solomon Hills Vineyard

Pinot Noir

Solomon Hills Vineyard

Solomon Hills is a stunning vineyard in the Santa Maria Valley, planted in 1999 and under the stewardship of the Miller Family’s vineyard crew. One of the coolest vineyard sites in the area, Solomon Hills nestles in a beautiful swale off of Highway 101 and Clark Road, southwest of the family’s other Santa Maria Valley vineyard, Bien Nacido. The vineyard is divided into four different blocks with each of these planted to a specific clone and rootstock best suited to soil type and microclimate. The rows designated for Flying Goat are all Dijon clone 113, and the block can be seen from the highway as it undulates up to the water tower at the top of the hillside. The vineyard is thirteen years old and showing some maturity that was not apparent before 2009.

Tasting Notes
This delicate, delicious wine offers the jammy ripeness of dark red plums and black cherries on the nose. There is a subtle hint of worn leather on the nose. Dried cranberries also show up on the nose and then are revealed on the palate. We also find blueberries on the finish. Soft tannins from the toasted oak lie just beneath the fruit. This wine is lovely without food but could be paired nicely with lighter fare, such as pasta with sun dried tomatoes. Pork with cranberry or cherry glaze would also be tempting. The wine will continue to age nicely for the next 5-8 years.

Harvest: September 23, 2010
Bottled: August 15, 2011
Released: September 29, 2012
Production: 95 cases
Alcohol: 13.1% by volume
pH: 3.69
TA: .56 g/100ml
Clone: 113

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