Goat Bubbles
Blanc de Noirs
Clos Pepe Vineyard

Goat Bubbles, Blanc de Noirs

Clos Pepe Vineyard

The grapes were picked on September 10, 2012, at 19.7 Brix and then whole cluster pressed. Towards the end of fermentation, the wine was gently moved to neutral French oak barrels to attain a touch of creamy texture while aging. During this process, the lees were stirred every two weeks to soften the wine and enhance the mid-palate. In June of 2013, the young wine was filtered and decanted into sparkling wine bottles and a crown cap applied. This resulted in a secondary fermentation in the bottle with the resulting carbon dioxide trapped in the wine. After 16 months of aging the wine was then riddled by hand to collect all the sediment from the secondary fermentation. The Blanc de Noirs was disgorged by hand, a small dosage added, a champagne cork inserted, a wire cage applied and the Goat Bubbles signature wax cap (black for Blanc de Noirs) added for the finishing touch.

Tasting Notes
The color is pale orange, like the heirloom Suncrest peach. Aromas of peach, lime peel, hazelnut and wild strawberries are enhanced by a subtle doughiness in the background. The nutty, creamy texture, with roundness in the mid-palate, creates a freshness that balances well with the fruit. This sexy wine is a perfect starter for your holiday meals or your marriage proposal. Try it with grilled salmon or Dungeness crab, pumpkin or pecan pie, or Point Reyes Blue Cheese. This sparkler is something Lauren Bacall would drink.

Harvested: September 10, 2012
Bottled: July 2, 2013
Disgorged: November 19, 2014
Released: December 6, 2014
Alcohol: 12.9% by Volume
pH: 3.01
TA:  .83 g/100mL
Brix: 19.7
Production: 55 cases

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