WINE & WISDOM a Socrates Salon


Pleasure: Pepsi to Pinot

Smart Talk with Joe White, Philosopher, former Philosophy Department Chair and Professor Emeritus Santa Barbara City College. (#1 Community College in USA and possibly the world!!) 2015 US Professor of the Year nominee, 1997 SBCC Faculty Lecturer, 4.2 quality rating with 86% hoping to take a class with him again! Joe is also Ambassador and special event pourer for Flying Goat Cellars. 

Friday, September 21, 5 – 7 pm
Flying Goat Cellars Tasting Room, 1520 East Chestnut Ct., Lompoc
$40 (limited seating – reservations required)
Includes: Flying Goat Wine & Cha Cha Cooking Club hors d’oeuvres par excellence 

“Most people pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it.”
Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) Danish philosopher and writer.

Take the time to enjoy a glass of wine, a bit of food, and a couple hours of smart talk. All served up with humor & humility.

On-Line Reservations:

Cha Cha Cooking Club  1 (805) 451-3414


Barrel Tasting & Luncheon 2018


Saturday, September 15
Flying Goat Cellars Winery
1251 West Laurel Ave.
Lompoc, CA

Don’t miss our Harvest Lunch and Barrel Tasting at the winery. Enjoy the aromas of fresh fruit and fermentations underway that complement the seasonal winemaking activities. Winemaker Norm Yost will provide the edutainment while guests sip on 2017 barrel samples and a few library wines. Norm, Kate, cellar master André Baltazar and winery dog Cooper invite you to get creative, blend your own Pinot Noir and be playful. The wines will be paired with a delicious lunch, offering vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Wine Club Members & Guests $50/per person (discount appears at checkout); Others $70/per person. Purchase tickets here, or call 805-736-9032 or email to make your reservations.


Celebrate Women’s Equality Day & Dog Day

Women & Dogs Make the World a Better Place

l-r: Keri Stevens and Ollie, Katie Bradbury and Ellie. The puppies are siblings.




Sunday, August 26
Flying Goat Tasting Room





Join Katie Bradbury and her puppy, Ellie, in the tasting room to celebrate National Dog Day and Women’s Equality Day! Celebrate by posting a photo of your favorite woman (famous or not) with her dog and tagging #WomenWithDogs.

Women’s Equality Day is celebrated August 26 to commemorate the 1920 adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment (Amendment XIX) to the United States Constitution, which prohibits the states and the federal government from denying the right to vote to citizens of the United States on the basis of sex. It was first celebrated in 1973 and is proclaimed each year by the United States President.

National Dog Day is celebrated August 26 to bring attention to the plight of animals and encourage adoption. Coincidentally, National Dog Day was founded by a woman: Colleen Paige, who is a pet & family lifestyle expert and animal advocate. 

Kate and Cooper Tandem Sea Kayaking in Trinidad, CA.


Flying Goat Lands in CANADA


Our 2012 Flying Goat Cellars Pinot Noir Bassi Vineyard will soon be sold at 10 Flagship Exclusive stores in Ontario. The wine is featured in Store Discovery in LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario). Release day is Sept 29th.

The LCBO is an Ontario government enterprise and one of the world’s largest buyers and retailers of beverage alcohol. Through more than 650 retail stores, catalogues, special order services and more than 210 agency stores, which provide cost effective, convenient and socially responsible access for rural consumers, the LCBO offers nearly 24,000 products annually to consumers and licensed establishments from more than 80 countries.

2012 Flying Goat Cellars Pinot Noir Bassi Vineyard will soon be featured online in Vintages here:

10 Top LCBO stores:
Ottawa-275 Rideau
Toronto- Summerhill
Toronto- Queens Quay
Toronto- Laird
Toronto- Bloor West
Toronto- Bayview
Toronto- Avenue Rd
Toronto- Manulife Centre


Trish Campbell Artist Reception



Saturday, August 25, 3-5pm
Tasting Room
1520 E. Chestnut Court
Lompoc, CA




Featured artist Trish Campbell says, “Art in all its mystery and beauty has always been a big part of my life. After school my brothers and sisters and I would often gather around our dining room table, and draw and write together. Both my parents were creative people, and our art brought them smiles and enhanced our family life.This is what I think art does; it enhances life, makes us human. I hope that my art enhances the lives of many viewers and brings smiles to many. Minus a class every few years, I’m mostly self-taught. I’ve learned the most I think, through scary critiques. Without critiques I find I tend to meander around and around, and so I’ve learned to gather up my courage and ask for input. My award winning work has shown in galleries, stores and a museum in Florida, as well as in galleries and stores in California. As a former President of the Lompoc Valley Art Association and current member of the Lompoc Ten Artist group, I am excited to be growing, exploring and continually learning. And so as we all journey on, I hope to interpret the beauty of the universe on my canvas in accord with the One who spoke it all into existence. I desperately need his breath to inspire me. Thank you for stopping by my exhibit.” Her artwork will be on display through September.

See images here.



Wine & Fire Weekend Open House


Flying Goat is a member of Sta. Rita Hills Wine Alliance and we are proud to participate in the annual Wine & Fire Weekend for the Friday and Saturday evening tastings. We are also hosting an Open House on Sunday, August 19, from 11am-4pm. Winemaker Norm Yost will be pouring some of our Library Wines from Sta. Rita Hills AVA vineyards. Light snacks will also be served to complement our flights of Pinots and/or sparkling wines.

We have a nice line up of fun filled events in the Lompoc Wine Ghetto and the Sta. Rita Hills August 17-19. If you live in the area, please come by for a visit and if you’re out of town, take advantage of a last summer hurrah. Other special events that weekend are listed below:

Wine & Fire Weekend – Sta. Rita Hills AVA, August 17-19.

The Sta. Rita Hills is quickly becoming one of the hottest wine growing regions in the world. That is not due to global warming, but to the fact that what’s coming out of the Hills is some of the best cool climate wines in the world. Explore our world of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and discover the wines and people of the Sta. Rita Hills with our weekend of events. Flying Goat is pouring at the Friday and Saturday evening events.

Wine Ghetto Walk – Lompoc Wine Ghetto, August 18-19.

Lompoc’s Wine Ghetto is gearing up for Wine & Fire with Tasting Room specials, food and music. On Saturday, Point Break Pizza will be serving up some amazing local food from 12-4 pm. Also on Saturday, Lompoc local Johnathan Palomo will be providing music from 12-3 pm. On Sunday, Alice’s Abelskabels food truck will be selling their sweet n savory Abelskabels from 12-6 pm. Both food & music will be held in the picnic table area in front of Palmina Wines & Flying Goat.

National Honey Bee Day – Tasting Room, August 18, 12-3pm.

Celebrate National Honey Bee Day while tasting honey and wine at Flying Goat Cellars Tasting Room. Lompoc Valley Beekeepers Association will have an observation hive and offer tips on backyard beekeeping, sustainable gardening and what you can do to save the bees. Children are also invited to participate in the honey tasting, which is complimentary. Join the bee buzz!



What’s the Buzz? National Honey Bee Day




Saturday, August 18, 12-3pm
Flying Goat Cellars Tasting Room
1520 E. Chestnut Court, Unit A
Lompoc, CA




Celebrate National Honey Bee Day while tasting honey and wine at Flying Goat Cellars Tasting Room. Lompoc Valley Beekeepers Association will have an observation hive and offer tips on backyard beekeeping, sustainable gardening and what you can do to save the bees. Children are also invited to participate in the honey tasting, which is complimentary. Join the bee buzz!

Lompoc Valley Beekeepers Association seeks the promotion and advancement of beekeeping through best management practices, the education and mentoring of people about honey bees and beekeeping and increasing public awareness of environmental concerns affecting honey bees. LVBKA meetings are held monthly on the second Tuesday of each month at Flying Goat Cellars Tasting Room, 1520 East Chestnut Court in the Lompoc Wine Ghetto. The association is involved in community education programs, swarm removal and mentoring new beekeepers. Membership is $10/family annually. To learn more visit

National Honey Bee Day is an awareness day started by beekeepers in the United States to build community awareness of the bee industry, through education and promotion. The event was started in 2009, by a small group of beekeepers who petitioned for and obtained a formal proclamation by the USDA honoring honey bees and beekeeping. The date of observation is the third Saturday of August.

A tasting flight of Flying Goat Cellars Pinots for $15/person or a flight of Goat Bubbles sparkling wine for $20/person will also be available. Flying Goat Cellars has been handcrafting vineyard designated Pinot Noir since 2000 and sparkling wine since 2005. Contact Chief Philosopher/ Proprietor Kate Griffith at 805-736-9032 with questions.


Vineyards Update May 31, 2018


After visiting my agricultural roots in Yuma, AZ, last week, I returned home with a desire to visit vineyards. So Norm, Cooper and I walked five of the seven vineyards that we source from last Friday. Clouds playfully billowed across the sky while Cooper darted throughout the vineyards and Norm inspected the vines. Cooper and I are at Dierberg Vineyard in Santa Maria Valley, which we’ve been sourcing since 2001, in the photo above.

We have been experiencing cooler than normal temperatures along the Central Coast for the past month. The cooler temperatures have had a noticeable impact on the vineyards, slowing down vine growth and suggesting a longer growing season ahead. This could push harvest back by 2-3 weeks, depending on weather over the summer. “Once again, we find that ‘Mother Nature’ is in charge,” says Norm.

The overall vine health looks good, with bright green shoots and shiny leaves. Some of the vines were also undergoing the flowering stage. The small green bunches produce tiny white flowers. These white flower clusters appear on the tips of the young shoots looking like pinheads. Flowering occurs when average daily temperatures stay between 59-68 degrees, which typically takes about two weeks. Once this stage is done, the pollination and fertilization of the grapevine is complete. All of our grapes are sourced from hermaphrodite vines, with both male stamens and female ovaries. No bees are required for pollination. Watch a short video with Norm.

The Dierberg and Solomon Hills vineyards in Santa Maria Valley AVA were slightly ahead of the vineyards in the Sta. Rita Hills AVA (Rancho Santa Rosa, Rio Vista and Ampelos). The Santa Maria vineyards are further inland, compared to Sta. Rita Hills, with slightly elevated temperatures. The fog layer sits longer in the Sta. Rita Hills and contributes to the differences between the two appellations. The potential 5-10 degrees variation can influence the vine growth and flowering.

Grape vines are a far cry from the row crops and orchards that I knew during my elementary school years. Yet, all agriculture begins with earth. As terroir contributes to the various expressions of our wines, the roots of our formation contribute to who we evolve into as adults. Growing up with fertile Colorado River soil and arid desert sand in between my toes grounded me for life.


Irene Vejar Photographer Reception & Cypress Grove Cheese Tasting



Saturday, May 19, 3-5pm
Lompoc Wine Ghetto
Flying Goat Tasting Room
1520 E. Chestnut Court



Join Flying Goat Cellars at a photographer reception honoring Irene Vejar and her stunning photographs of Return to Freedom horse sanctuary. All are invited to attend the reception, which will include a Cypress Grove cheese tasting. Yummy cheeses from the famous Humboldt County creamery will be served to pair with our wines. Flights of Flying Goat Cellars Pinot and Goat Bubbles sparkling wine will be available for purchase.

Vejar says, “As a photographer, as in everyday life, I prefer to concentrate on what I find good in the world, and where better to find good than in nature? It is in the solitude of nature that I find peace and beauty.” When Vejar was introduced to the wild horses, she says her “heart filled with gratitude for having met them, but pain for what they have endured. I knew instantly that was where my focus would remain. I have come to understand their strong family bonds, their place in our world, and their desperate struggle for survival.”

Being an artist at heart, Vejar enjoys adding a bit of creativity to her photographs. Her primary goal is to use the gifts she has been given for a purpose. A purpose she hopes will stir the hearts of others. 100% of proceeds from the sale of her prints directly support the programs of Return to Freedom.

Headquartered a few miles outside of Lompoc on Jalama Road, Return to Freedom provides a safe haven to almost 400 wild horses, including 29 burros. RTF also provide a venue to educate the public about America’s wild horses and burros along with solutions to protect them in viable free ranging herds for future generations. Flying Goat Cellars is also a benefactor of Return for Freedom and invites others to learn more at


Join Us at Effervescence L.A.


“One epic Los Angeles weekend celebrating Champagne and Sparkling Wine!”

Flying Goat Cellars will be pouring Goat Bubbles at the More Bubbles Sparkling Wine Extravaganza on Friday, May 4, from 5-9pm at the historic Avalon Hollywood. This is America’s first epicurean event centered only on Champagne and sparkling wines.

“On Friday afternoon and evening, we lighten and loosen up a bit in a no-holds-barred Bacchanalia of everything bubbly. The historic Avalon Hollywood nightclub will be transformed into a drinker’s delight, with sparkling wines from every corner of the globe. This walk-around tasting is designed to be fun and informative, for both novices and experts alike. Come sample prosecco, moscato, Lambrusco, cava, sekt, crémants and delicious American bubbles sourced from the finest international producers. The evening will end with the first Best Sparkling Somm finals, where you will get to see today’s best sommeliers compete against each other. Come curious – this tasting will offer some fun and unusual wines.”

Effervescence L.A. is hosting a three day extravaganza of sparkling wines from all over the world and grower Champagne. Check out the full line up of events here.